Useful Stuff...A Hose That Doesn't Freeze!

While it isn’t that cold in my neck of the woods (just north of Boston) yet…it’s coming. Snow, sleet, freezing temps–like death and taxes the inevitable New England winter is coming.

At the 2009 Equine Affaire we received a great donation for a raffle: a heated hose from Pirit Hose Company. It plugs in so it won’t freeze. What a fabulous idea!

We just wanted to pass along a “thank you” and share this with friends as many raved about the idea when they saw the hose at our booth.

And this reminds me: something else is coming too: CANTER logo sweatshirts online! We’ll be getting our own online store up and running soon, so you can have free-running water, stay warm yourself and look good doing it!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone–Stay Warm Out There!

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